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Welcome to Dinomite, your premier destination for cutting-edge training solutions! As a leading training solutions company, we specialize in delivering a diverse range of services designed to meet the specific needs of learning and professional development managers like yourself.

At Dinomite, we understand the dynamic landscape of professional development, and that's why our team is composed of seasoned experts in instructional design, eLearning design, presentations, animations, video editing, and social media.

Together, we form a powerhouse team dedicated to empowering you to achieve your training objectives with precision and impact.

Creating High-Quality Training Materials

At Dinomite, our mission is to create high-quality training materials that empower professionals to excel in their professional development. We are committed to delivering exceptional training solutions that combine our expertise with a laid-back partnership approach and unwavering transparency. Our aim is to foster growth and success through effective training and development initiatives.





Dinomite is a trusted company known for its commitment to producing top-notch training materials. Our brand represents excellence in training, emphasizing quality, partnership, transparency, and professional development. We take pride in our collaborative and relaxed approach, building strong relationships with our clients while maintaining a high level of transparency throughout our partnership. With Dinomite, you can expect exceptional training solutions that drive your organization's growth and empower your workforce.

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Courses created by industry an industry leader in todays world!

Meet Jes May, the visionary founder of Dinomite. With over 15 years of unparalleled expertise, Jes has been a driving force in collaborating with learning and development teams, shaping award-winning training solutions for businesses.

Recognized for her pioneering spirit and commitment to innovation, Jes was featured in the New York Journal's 40 under 40, symbolizing a new era of excellence.

Her passion for creating high-quality training materials is unmatched, reflecting a dedication to transformative learning experiences. Jes brings transparency to every collaboration, ensuring a seamless and inspiring journey toward achieving your training goals.

Partner with Jes May and Dinomite for a visionary approach to learning and development that sets new standards of excellence.

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