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Dinomite is known for our partnerships with clients to build custom courses around their companies. Partner with us to build your online or in-person courses today! We cannot wait to chat with you.
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We specialize in crafting exceptional online learning experiences. Our mission is to bridge the gap between knowledge and learners through innovative, engaging, and accessible training resources.

With a blend of expertise in educational technology, creative content development, and cutting-edge e-learning strategies, we are dedicated to empowering organizations and educators to achieve their full potential. Partner with us to unlock a world of educational possibilities and take the first step towards reshaping the future of learning.

Quality Learning Solutions

We provide the most relevant and up-to-date content to help learners advance in their careers and build strong foundations for their futures.

Flexible Options

Our platform provides a range of learning options, from one-on-one coaching to in-person meet-ups and online virtual classes.

Client Focused

We work with our clients to understand their unique challenges and design a learning solution that meets their unique needs.

Courses created by an industry leader in today's world!

Meet Jes May, the visionary founder of Dinomite. With over 15 years of unparalleled expertise, Jes has been a driving force in collaborating with learning and development teams, shaping award-winning training solutions for businesses.

Recognized for her pioneering spirit and commitment to innovation, Jes was featured in the New York Journal's 40 under 40, symbolizing a new era of excellence.

Her passion for creating high-quality training materials is unmatched, reflecting a dedication to transformative learning experiences. Jes brings transparency to every collaboration, ensuring a seamless and inspiring journey toward achieving your training goals.

Partner with Jes May and Dinomite for a visionary approach to learning and development that sets new standards of excellence.
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